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Trick to turn your smartphone/tab into portable mouse or keyboard for your PC

author techwiz: 2 years ago
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Here is how you can control your PC/laptop with your Android smartphone/tablet using it either as keyboard or mouse.

No need to stay tangled in wires anymore fellas, the trick to turn your smartphone/laptop into potable mouse or keyboard is here . With five simple steps you can use your smartphone/tab as a keyboard or mouse for your PC.

Before we begin, you must know this “this process will only work with Intel based PCs”. Now first of all you have to get Android Remote Keyboard App and software.

How to Set Up Intel Remote Keyboard :

1 .Download Intel Remote Keyboard on your Android device or tablet.

2 .Download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard Host on your Windows PC. You will need to choose x86
or x64 depending on your Windows.
(Important: Make sure your Android and Windows devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.)

3 .On your Android phone, tap the Windows device name.

4 .Your Windows PC will now show a large QR code. Just scan it with your Android smartphone’s camera (following the on-screen instructions) and the two devices will be paired.

5 .You’re all set!
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