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Secure Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

author aimal: 2 years ago
Secure Your Social Media Accounts From Hackers

A hacker can only hack your facebook account if you are an innocent guy. if you have a basic idea or a little knowledge about Hacking and how it works, and if you follow all the security tips for your account, then you will always be secured well, coming the topic now.i promise you all readers, if you regularly read my articles then make sure one day you have so much knowledge that will definitely helps you.

Steps For Securing Social Media Accounts

#1. Update Passwords -

Updating of social media passwords helps you to secure your social media accounts from being hacked. Change your social networking sites password regularly, I recommend you to change your social media's accounts passwords in 2 month and choose your password smartly, make sure you use all alphabets,numbers and special characters in your passwords, by using all these your password is much stronger and not easy to break by hackers e.g aimal12@34.

#2. Link your account with Verified Mobile No.

Linking your social media accounts with mobile no. helps you a lot, if you really wanna protect your account then don't forget to link your account with mobile no. It helps you when someone tried to login in your social media accounts without permission, as someone tried to do jailbreaking your social media service will send you message about your log-in access.

#3. Trusted Contacts.

Adding trusted contacts helps you to recover your hacked account, as someone hack your Facebook or Gmail account then by the help of your trusted contacts you are able to recover back, I recommended you to apply trusted contacts on Facebook, because as you know everyone tries to find working Facebook hacking tricks, so be safe.

#4. Use HTTPs Connection.

HTTPs Connection helps you to build a secure connection over internet, make sure check your URL before you visit HTTPs, by using this feature there is a rare chance, that a hacker will hack your social media account.

#5. Never Save Passwords.

Yes, this is quite interesting in social media hacking; generally many of users are going to use your social media accounts in cyber cafes or your friends laptop. But you forgot when you enter your email & password while loging to your accounts then mostly every browser give a warning or ask you to "Do You Want To Save Password or Not". By default browser have a option of Not Saved, but unluckily if you ignore that warning and you save your password in cyber cafe or friends laptop then defiantly, if i was instead of your friend then I was able to hack that social media account.

So if you implement the above strategies you wont get hacked that easily. Sign up for Hack4m now and join the biggest tech community! Don't forget to share these tips with your friends as well.
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